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What they're saying about Vaporizing Clouds

A Breath of Fresh Air

"What I loved about Vaporizing Clouds was how she shared about her awareness during her childhood, and throughout her life. So many people overlook these experiences and they are portals of waking up, inviting us to be open to all possibilities. I appreciate how the author encouraged us to ask questions and utilize processes to see life in a new frame of mind. A sacred journey.
Infinite Blessings," Jeanne

Insightful and Inspirational!
"The author relates personal life experiences in her quest to explore her own inner self. She inspires the reader to the same and gives guidance to that quest. All the beliefs I have about the spirit and inner soul I now know are possible for all of us. I will keep this book and refer to it often throughout my life."
 Clearly Written and Useful.
"I found this to be a thoughtful account of a personal quest for greater spiritual awareness. The writing is straightfoward and very readable. There are useful tools and exercises for readers looking to grow their own awareness. This is a good book to keep on the shelf and return to often."

available in paperback, hardcover or Kindle

We all know there is more to this world than meets the eye.

We all have a great potential inside. Most of us only explore the tip of our own icebergs, of ourselves. This book will help you to explore further, deeper into the workings or your mind, deeper into the connection to your inner self. It will help you to see how you influence life in a profound way, and how you can become more aware of your whole consciousness.


Vaporizing real, physical clouds is something we can all learn to do. This book shows you how. You will realize through doing the various exercises and techniques, how much impact you have on your life, on your environment, on things you would never have imagined. You will be given keys to working with the Universal Laws, understanding and directing your mind, and exploring your inner connection to Source.

We all have many different clouds in our lives. We often see clouds as things that are in our way, or in the way of the light. Come with an open mind and heart, explore your mind, body, and spiri, and uncover your own light of understanding.


I Recommend this book for All Ages

"In Vaporizing Clouds, Eileen has brought back many happy childhood memories of my own. It is an easy read and well written. I think it is good for both adults and children. For adults it helps explain many things that happened while growing up and for children it lets them know they can trust their experiences and grow from them. Thank you!"

Fun Tools to Creating More Joy!
"I really enjoyed reading this book, it gave me some great tools to use to have more magic show up and now I love "cloud busting" when ever I am waiting for someone! I especially loved seeing the realness of the author, I felt connected and that that could be me! Totally recommend it!"
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