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There is more to this life than meets the eye and since experiencing a near-death "beyond the veil" experience and a lucid visit from my guardian angel as a child, I know I am here for more than just designing beautiful spaces. (I am a licensed architect and LOVE creating amazing spaces!).

I know we are all here to create and push the boundary of awareness and what is "normal" and what is "magic!"

I work with you to clarify your PURPOSE and YOUR ASPIRATIONS and stay on target to truly create a fulfilling, magical life.

Life is Precious, DON'T WASTE YOURS!!

I'm UNIQUELY QUALIFIED to mentor you to use the Universal Laws in your Daily Life to truly bring LIFE MASTERY and TRUE JOY and SATISFACTION to YOU!  CLARITY is POWER!! 

Instead of running the treadmill, I bring you to an AWARENESS of what YOU ARE HERE TO DO,

and show you how to generate Life Path Mastery, as we work with greater and greater awareness and attunement with your TRUE PASSION, PURPOSE, AND VALUES and have the most fulfilling and satisfying life possible!

A Spiritual Teacher since 1984, I teach you how to work with the Law of Attraction and the other Universal Laws to truly ALIGN WITH YOUR PASSION and PURPOSE and the life you CAME HERE TO LIVE.


Life Coaching, self-awareness, self-Mastery, USING the Universal Laws with MASTERY are the realms in which we play. 

You can choose weekly or biweekly  1-hour 1-on-1 sessions for a 3 -month commitment to TRULY TRANSFORM!

  • Personal Life Coaching & Life Path Mastery Mentoring

  • Couples Life Coaching and Life Path Mastery Mentoring

We often create with others, so I also offer Couples Coaching as well, to help you to get clarity and focus and listen to each other, co-creating together, eventually in alignment and as MASTERS!

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