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You Got Lucky...

How do you WIN a prize?

Money making

Interesting verbiage used in our society to describe how to make ends meet.....

Interesting verbiage – make ends meet.

Not surpass them, not have extra.....just to meet them.

How willing are you to actually win a prize?

How willing are you to be judged “lucky”?

I remember years ago, when I was a student at the Des Moines School of Metaphysics. They had a raffle going for a print of a Salvadore Dali painting. I thought it was soooo cool, I was currently a senior at Iowa State University, studying architecture, and had just returned from a semester of study in Europe where I went to a lot of art museums.

I remember thinking I wanted to win that. My teacher at the time, who was also the director of the school, said something like, “well, then make it so.”

And yet, there was a second energy, that came up, right after the realization I would like to win that, of, “oh, but, do I deserve it?” Even, “Am I supposed to win it?” And there was a little fear that I wouldn't be able to win it, almost like my teacher had recognized that I could choose it with my energy, and yet it was like the monkey mind they talked about in meditation, I could sense my energy, I was worried now that I told my teacher that'd be cool to win, and he called me to do it, that “I wouldn't be able to, and I'd prove to him what a failure I was.....”or something like that! Talk about a mind running amuck!!! Everything was getting in the way!

Needless to say, I must have bought a raffle ticket, but didn't win it. I wasn't surprised, just disappointed.

And I wish I would have been able to identify all that went on in my head after I heard the desire to win it,

all the doubts,

the fears,

the worries,

the junk I had there to block receiving the cool Salvadore Dali print.

Much later, I had learned to control those doubts by focusing on the claim.

I became excellent at manifesting “Rock Star”parking (read about it in my book, Vaporizing Clouds: Exploring Mind, Body and Spirit).

I became excellent at winning prizes, too.

For example, at a Journey Books grand reopening, they were giving away a very sweet fairy lamp, worth over $150 retail, with its large glass wings and the porcelain fairy. I thought it would be extra cool for my young daughter's bedroom. She was our only girl, and it was quite feminine, magical, and I thought would be perfect!

However, since I volunteer taught at Journey, I couldn't win. My family was there at the time of the drawings, and my boys had put their names in.

There were others there that wanted it, too! A number of people remarked on it. In particular, one woman I knew from a meditation group, she expressed a deep emotional desire to win it! She looked like a little fairy herself, quite tiny and lovely. I'd been to her house, she had lots of cool things, but no beautiful fairy lamp and I could only see how it would just get lost amongst her cool but cluttered home! I basically told that fairy lamp that it didn't really want to go to that home, that it would be happier at mine, and I wanted it for my daughter's room!

(This is all energetic, you realize, happening in split-second time.)

I've heard people talk about need and tug, I think there's some truth to that with winning or claiming parking spaces. It is like there's an energy of need and tug. I claimed it, I decided I desired it, I “needed”it, and then by that claim, there was created a “tug” on the molecules, field of potentialities, the quantum particulates, adamantine particles, whatever you recognize.

My son Niles, was receptive. He liked to win things. In fact, his winning tickets got pulled for a couple of items, one of which was, yes, indeed, the fairy lamp! As it was being drawn, I did not back down in my claim for it. I could sense my fairy friend's energetic tug as well, but mine was stronger, through my son. In fact, I seem to remember some controversy, as the director thought out loud, “well, he already won something, so maybe we should give it to someone else.”

Luckily, the other teachers helped out, knowing he had pulled the energy to win and a recognition that we didn't say people could only win once, that it wouldn't be fair to only allow one prize just because he was good at this winning thing.

I think my son sort of wanted to keep it himself, it was a very cool thing, but it was distinctly feminine, and sort of a weird thing for a boy to win. I suggested that maybe he could give it to his sister for her room. He seemed cool with that.

So when you look at winning a prize, there is an energy you need to assert. I see it all the time in small raffle drawings. The person that does better actually decides, yes, they'd like to win that item! It is a claim for that prize. It is directing the molecules, the adamantine particles, the quantum particulates, the angels, however you may want to describe it, it is letting the energy know that you, indeed, desire to play.

Maybe they say a prayer. They are actively doing something in their mind and heart, letting their desire to have the object be known!

And your desire and claim, your “need and tug,” has to be greater than your fears and doubts.

Your monkey mind of jumbled crap (not that you've ever experienced that) has to stay out of the energy, has to be out of the way.

So, next time you buy a raffle ticket, enter a contest or a simple giveaway drawing, or buy a lottery ticket, if you desire to win the prize, claim it energetically! Pull on that object energetically so it knows where it's going. Importantly, pull on it stronger than any others that are pulling on it.

Keep your doubts and fears, worries and concerns, all that unconscious mind chatter about deserving or being judged just lucky or standing out and being different or any of it at all, all of that distraction needs to be tamed, needs to be nowhere near your energy. Release those, destroy them, and let them be gone.

Any judgment of yourself for being greedy needs to be nonexistent. Any worries that you can't do it need to be nonexistent. Any and all junk you're picking up from others on their judgments of the winner need to be unimportant, and let go of.

In other words, your claim needs to be clear and strong with nothing distracting it.

I want that! That is mine! Now! Yes! Boom!

And claim it!

Just like any other target or goal, claim it, do what it takes! Get the parking space! Win that fairy lamp! That raffle prize! That giveaway! That lottery ticket!

(I'm still playing with this for the big prize, the lottery, so this is something I know works for the smaller things. Now to amplify it, not make it significant, and just claim it! I dare you to beat me to it!)

Play with it, and observe. Your thoughts have an impact on your reality and what actually is created, on what actually happens, all of the time. Keep focused on your desires, the energy will respond.

That is the nature of the Universe, the nature of this magical world in which we live! Go, create, and when you win those prizes, I'll know you claimed them, you desired them, and didn't allow your doubts, fears, or other distractions to get in your way.

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