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Surprise Gift at the Art Fest!

Yesterday as I watched from the back of my husband's beautiful fine arts booth at a local Arts Festival, I wrote out all of the delightful things I heard experiencers of the art express.

I typed them all out on Facebook under my picture of the booth. The various things I heard started with, "It's like magic standing in here!"

"I like playing with them! (his Fine Art mobiles) It brings out my inner Calder!"

"Cool stuff!"

"These are wonderful! They make me smile! They're beautiful!"

"I love them all! Very, very nice! I'd take them all home!"

and "These are soooooo great!"

I found myself moved to tears every time I repeated their comments and my heart swelled. My husband had brought them joy and delight with his playful and beautiful artwork, and it was such a joy to see the men and women that allowed that joy to be expressed. It was powerful! I could hear it, and feel it, they were allowing love to flow in their hearts! Such beauty, to see people open up!

I started focusing on each person that came in and, well, yes, love, unconditional, neverending love, actually.

I pulled from my memory of how I have experienced unconditional love, so full, so broad, infinite and vast. Ever-present, ever expansive, supportive, cup-running-over type of heart fullness.

I enjoyed watching and seeing how love was shared by just experiencing art.

Getting ancy just sitting, I took a walk around the beautiful park that was so familiar to me. I had lived nearby years prior, and had brought my now-grown three young children here hundreds of times to play in the playground, to play football on Thanksgivings, or to watch clouds while lying in the grass. I remembered the small inclines and irregularities on the paths as I walked, recalling riding my bike with the kids and early morning runs alone.

The leaves of the trees at their fullness, the grass such a rich, full green, the park bustled with people enjoying the mild, sunny summer day. They were walking or playing with their dogs, playing volleyball, drums or a guitar, or posing for a photo shoot with a wedding party at the marble pavilion. It was so vibrant and full of life, and my heart so full of joy, each person that crossed my path on my walk had to smile. It was so fun to watch. I didn't do it on purpose, I just noticed how each person that I passed, seemed to be unable to hold back a smile.

I saw how just by being joy-filled, I wasn't even noticing if I was smiling, yet those that I met responded to my joy. It bubbled out of them. Just sharing the delight of a beautiful day, walking outside, and being alive! and well, yes, um, LOVE!

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