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New MOON, love and prosperity

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

The New Moon energies are a good time for a re-set of intentions.

You know how we often make New Year's Resolutions at the beginning of a new year? They often get neglected, forgotten, or maybe they were never made in the first place. I, myself, feel like I need a refresher, a re-boot, so to speak, to get and keep on track with what I intended.

Two of the things I wanted to focus on this year in a different way for me, were prosperity / abundance and being in alignment as much as possible. Last year I was at a gathering and a highly regarded Native American elder brought up the calendar and the idea of being more in the flow with the 13 moon cycles of the year would help everyone be more in the flow with nature. I thought it sounded like something I wanted to pay attention to.

I also attended a workshop recently and was asked, are you happy all of the time? Many of us answered, no, of course not, it's not possible. We need contrast to see our desires and what we want to create. So we all agreed you can't be "happy" all of the time (and it's completely cool, truly!). Then, we were asked, OK, can you love yourself all of the time?

I really thought that hit the nail on the head. That is all we can ask of ourselves, can we love ourselves all of the time? Unconditionally, like a parent to a child, or like my Inner Being Big Me does to my outer being conscious, physical self.

I had also been putting some pieces together about fighting myself and the reason we feel bad, is that we are in contrast with how our Inner Being feels, and that Inner God Being has so much love and compassion and wants the best and always sees things in a pure positive energy mode, that when we don't we feel the contrast.

It's our clue. I'm being Arjuna, and the battle between my Higher Self and my Ego Self from the Bhagavad Gita, and the battlefield of judgment, negative beliefs and thoughts, doubts, fears, versus the Inner Divine Source Self, love and compassion.

Let it go. Let that inner conflict go and allow the Conscious Self to realize there is only Compassion and deep, unconditional Love at the heart of it all.


So, that being able, truly, to love myself all of the time is what I am finding brings me that alignment.

So, with wanting to become more aligned, and to re-set my 2019 resolution focus of abundance/prosperity as well, I am drawn to play with using the moon cycles more consciously, and since I've heard that the New Moon energies are good times to focus on the inner, the new intentions, the next beginning of a cycle, I am going to use that upcoming New Moon energy to indeed refocus, re-set, and re-intend.

So, with this upcoming New MOON cycle, I am offering a New Moon guided meditation, to help myself and anyone who wants to join me re-set my 2019 focus with much wonderful, aligned energy and welcome abundance, prosperity, love, and alignment!

I am looking forward to consciously playing with the moon cycles and see how the energies support my alignment and how I can assist others with this as well.

I recorded a New Moon Guided Meditation and Visualization - it is focused on 3 areas of your life and bringing alignment and abundance. It's about 24 minutes long, so take a little time for yourself and intentionally create some magic!

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