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Myth Busting and Creating the Life You Desire

I've been calling some friends on their bullshit this week.

One was my drummer from my band, who said he couldn't do two back-to-back gigs because he "was too old" !!

The other was a friend telling a story about someone and their "unfair" experience.

Life is always giving you what you set up with your thoughts, words, beliefs, and actions....

the Law of Attraction works on vibration, energetic output and so, it is ALWAYS FAIR, it gives you exactly what you are putting out.

I am realizing more and more that every day we are creating our reality by what we believe, think, say, and do, and there are a LOT OF MYTHS out there we are propagating.. A LOT of STORIES that we focus on that are NOT in our highest and best good....

Are you buying someone else's b.s. that isn't serving you?

I'm catching myself all of the time doing that! and it's flipping crap!

Agreeing with someone because it's culturally expected, just to be polite.... ....saying you're "too old" for something.... or agreeing with someone that "we're all going downhill"....

Or setting expectations for your body not to be working as well....

or focusing on a past negative experience to "safeguard" your current experience


Do yourself a good service and focus on what you TRULY DESIRE!

Set your energy for your best possible imaginings!

and KEEP your FOCUS on what you WANT!

(Do you WANT your body to go downhill? To buy into culturally accepted beliefs that our bodies must deteriorate even though you can find evidence they can be fully functioning 150-200 solar years?!!)

How many cultural myths have you bought into?

How many are detrimental to your future? To what you TRULY DESIRE to create?

This affects ALL AREAS of our lives! Every little single things we focus on!

From Money and Wealth to your Physical Body and Aging to the WRONGNESS of DEATH! What about that 4-hour work week? Can YOU really have it?

What about LOVING your LIFE? Living in JOY and DELIGHT every day?

What beliefs do you have that are keeping you from having a TRULY MAGICAL LIFE?


Are you willing to have more fun and joy and listen to your intuition?

Trust your abilities? Trust your inner wisdom?

I can help you TAKE Charge of your focus, catch your bullshit, and change your thoughts and beliefs that are not letting your FANTABULOUS LIFE be here now!

and You WILL be in DELIGHT in WATCHING how it all comes to pass!

What Lies are you Telling Yourself?

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