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How do you create a legacy?

Couch potato or energized?

Doing something every day toward your goals is easy.

Easy steps, easy to do a little amount.

Also Easy NOT to do.

Easy to skip a work out, a blog post, an exercise. Oh I can do that tomorrow, what's one day? I am tired, going to go to bed without finishing it up?

And you let it slide another day.

And another.

Pretty soon you forgot you were even moving toward a goal.

Oh, that's right, I was going to write a blog every day. Oh, that's right, I wanted to get an email out to my list.....or I wanted to do some abs exercises.....or read some from this inspiring book....

Sometimes we expect results right away and get disappointed when we don't see the changes happening.

You step on the scale after a week of starving change!

So we give up.

That could be with our businesses we're trying to start, a diet or exercise plan, maybe learning some new music or instrument, running.....

I have been a yoga instructor, and am not teaching anywhere now, nor am I doing yoga regularly.

I miss it.

I know that yoga has helped me in the past, to strengthen my knees. Currently I'm nursing a knee injury from a recent workout and I wonder how much of that would have been avoided if I'd been actively doing yoga.

So what's my excuse? I don't “see” a difference? But I do feel it and I love the feeling when I actually do 90 minutes of yoga for myself.

So I either need to get a regular teaching gig or commit to doing it on my own, join a class, something, if I want the benefit.

I noticed at my last class reunion, there are people that are active. And you can tell the people that are not. The people that are not have less fire in their eyes, more bored with their life, usually.

We used to call them couch potatoes.

The body gets slack from non-use. Muscles atrophy.

The days slip by without you getting closer to your goals, perhaps.

So take the time. Maybe it's once a day, maybe you create something new every day, like a blog post, write about something that you have knowledge of, or to entertain, and share your insights with others.

Leave a legacy!

You may want to hire a coach to help you truly get started and moving forward on your goals, to keep you held accountable, to offer encouragement, to be there at your side.

I guarantee you'll get more accomplished and have greater satisfaction!

And the more you do, the more you move closer to your targets. Consistent effort will not just create steady progress, it will also be a seeding ground for quantum leaps! It happens, jumps in insight, productivity, creation, whatever it may be, consistent effort creates, contributes to, and allows your unexpected gains.

Use your time on this earth, productively.

Use it to create what you are desiring to create! Use it to build your knowledge, your bank account, your freedom, to fuel your fire! To in joy this life and create amazing things!

Just do it!

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