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Focus is the KEY!

Focus in the Key to EVERYTHING in your life! Your path, your relationships, your surroundings, the experiences you attract, your health and well-being, the fun and joy you have, the money in your bank account, the love of family and friends, the stuff dreams are made of, truly, it all starts with YOUR focus!

Your thoughts have an energy behind them. You are always emanating this energy. This energy is instrumental in your thoughts and focus and what you attract into your life. This energy is malleable, pliable, flexible, and YOU are the one in charge of it.

Now many people, actually most people do not take control of their energy. Or they do it in limited ways. They react to situations, and allow themselves to be sucked into the energy of others, which often feels good at first, to be in harmony with someone else, until you realize it is a negative thought, negative energy, and pulls you down. Complaining about things with others is one example of this.

What if you could always be in alignment? What if you could always be in the flow? What if you could recognize when you are not in the flow very quickly, when you are not in LOVE, joy, satisfaction, (including judging yourself, thank you very much!), and change it quickly?

You can-- with Focus and Will Power. It does take some discipline, not lazy thinking. Lazy thinking is when you are in reaction mode. When you are asking everyone for their opinion to help you make up your mind. Lazy mode is when you use alcohol or TV shows to make you feel better. Lazy mode is when you do or think what you think others expect you to do or say, or when you keep thinking the way you have been entrained to think, with the group that aren't necessarily serving your best interests.

Focus is the key for so many reasons. The Law of Attraction is the general operating principal here on this 3-d plane, and whatever you are focusing on will expand. Whatever you are thinking about will expand. Whatever you are emanating energetically will attract similar energy. Like attracts like.

So, in order to create (or co-create) the wonderful, fun, joyous, delightful life you desire, you truly need to be aware of your thoughts and your focus, your energy.

In order to be creating the life you desire, for example, great health and well-being, a career or job you love, relationships that support you with love, joy, friendship, you truly will have a much more fulfilling and satisfying life if you are disciplined with your focus, with your energy. This discipline is just a matter of keeping yourself on track with your Inner Knowing, Your Inner Being, Your Inner Connection to Source, your Soul, to that of LOVE. Love, joy, satisfaction, beauty, fun, and noticing your beliefs and when your mind wavers to doubts, fears, or beliefs that do not serve you. The discipline comes in focusing on what brings you joy, and not your fears, doubts, or harsh judgments of self.

Down to basics: do you love your life?

Down to basics: are you focused with good energy, positive energy, love, joy and satisfaction?

Focus is the key. I can help with some classes or coaching if you want to improve yours.

I can't wait!!!

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