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Deliberately Creating with the Law of Attraction #1

The Law of Attraction is always working, always, always, always. It's kind of like gravity. It's one of the Key Universal Laws, and it is such a powerful one, that I have really been focusing on consciously understanding it more completely and watching how it works in my life. It is fascinating. I am convinced it is the most astounding and amazing Universal Law, and that it is worth bringing it to the attention of others in a deeper way to understand it as well. When I say understand it, I mean to know, to know from experience, to know from consciously paying attention.

The Law of Attraction is simply this: like attracts like. You attract energetically. You attract energetically similar things, places, people, situations, timing, etc., to what you are emitting energetically. You are always attracting. Everything in your life, everything in your body, everything in your bank account, everything in your bed, everything in your career, everything is attraction. Everything is Attraction. This is an Attraction Based Universe, there is no assertion. There is nothing in your life that you have not attracted. You attract with your focus: your thoughts, your fears, your energetic output, your desires, your loves, your frustrations, your beliefs, your practiced thoughts, your focus, your focus, your focus. You are an energetic being. You are also a physical being, and an emotional being, and a mental being, and a spiritual being. What you focus upon expands. Universal Law Number 2, The Law of Expansion. Basically, this is the Law of Attraction in motion, because what you focus upon, you attract similar energetic things, people, situations, etc. The more you focus upon that same type of energy, the more of that you attract, it builds. The more you focus upon abundance, the more abundance you will experience, which in turn, attracts more. The opposite of this is also true, the more you focus upon what you do not have, what you do not want, the more you will attract of this. Have you noticed this? Remember, this is energetic. It is your thoughts, your fears, your worries, your concerns, your appreciation, your gratitude, your attitude, your beliefs. It is your focus. If you say one thing, but really mean another, you will attract what you mean, not what you say. It works on ENERGY, not false words. It works on ENERGY, so if you repeat an affirmation that you do not believe, it is not going to attract what you are saying, it is going to be working on the energy. That is why affirmations work for some people (if they believe what they are saying) and not for others (they do NOT believe what they are saying.) So, it is truly important to know what kind of energy you are putting out, what you are amplifying to the Universe. What are you putting out there? Are you putting out good vibrations? Are you believing you can have your desires? Are you feeling good about yourself? Are you feeling confident? Are you feeling loving? Are you creating what you desire in your life? Are you having fun? Are you in the flow of life? Are you doing what you love? Are you being you? Are you loving and appreciating life? Are you being in joy? Are you emanating love and joy and appreciation and beauty and appreciating all the wonderful things in your life? Are you thriving? Are you being in the flow? I am leading a class on the Law of Attraction and using it in your life on a daily basis. To consciously understand it, to practice with it, to know how it works, and to watch the deliciousness of life unfold for you. It is an online class, the first 4 are free, and I am starting on Sunday, October 20th! Please join me and watch your magical life unfold! Here is a link to the sign-up on Eventbrite:

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