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a LIMIT on what you can receive?

Receiving and Co-Creating

Were you ever taught “‘it is more blessed to give than receive?”

I remember hearing this as a child, and it made me feel wrong for wanting things, for asking for things, and for receiving. It made me feel bad.

It made me feel as if I was only supposed to give if I wanted to be a virtuous person.

Of course, I was supposed to be virtuous, a “good girl” would certainly be!

Did that ever cross your path?

Think about it, if everyone is trying to be virtuous and only give, according to this ridiculous false “truth,” who would you be giving to?

If no one wanted to receive you or what you had to give, giving would sort of fall flat.

It is just one part of a cycle, the giving and receiving, the exchange of energy.

You have something you might want, someone else has a way to help give you that, and so the exchange can be made, energetically or physically, and vice versa, the same the other way around.

I remember feeling frustration when I would hear that belief spouted, like it was some sacred truth. I would recall the declaration by Jesus of, “Ask, and it shall be given to you, Seek and you shall find, Knock and the door shall be opened.” He didn’t say it was bad to ask, he said, ASK!

He was teaching how to direct the energy of the universe, the god-source co-creative energy.

If you ask, the Universe will do all it can to conspire to bring you what you are asking for. The consciousness of the atom responds to directed consciousness.

In fact, I’m liking the whole idea that if you’ve asked, get ready, (and you may want to watch out!) it’s coming at you like a Mack Truck!

Whatever form it may come in.

In fact, the Universe will fulfill all of your desires if you ask, take the action required of you, and you are willing to receive it.

Yes, you must be willing to receive it.

It works every time.

In fact, if you don’t have the things you think you truly are asking for in your life, you either are stopping them with fear, doubt, and worries, or you’re not truly desiring them.

I was recently listening to a young man talking of his experiences when he was “chasing money.”

He had created a huge change in his life as he went from a desperately broke coffee barista living with his mother to an internet marketer having plenty of money.

He described how he had talked and talked for years, about “when he makes $10,000 / month, he can then go on vacation, he can then buy nice things for his girlfriend and go out for dinner and he put everything in the future. He made it this thing that would solve all of his problems, making $10,000/month. He identified with being a person struggling for that number.

Now, every time he got close to it, he seemed to get further away. He would be at $8000 for the month and his income would just stop. Something would get in the way.

So he was at an event where his mentor asked him what he could do to help him.

He told him of this problem, how he had this huge goal, for years and years, of hitting $10,000/month in income, and it was eluding him. He couldn’t seem to get there, when he would get close, the bottom would fall out, his sales would just drop out for no apparent reason.

His mentor asked him some questions and then told the young man, “well, when you can let that go, you will reach it. It will be easy.”

The young man was a little pissed off, what was this esoteric bull? He had wanted a physical solution, and he had to admit, he didn’t really know what his mentor had meant by that.

When he let go of what? It just seemed like empty words to him.

But the young man thought about and he was with these millionaires for the night, and they were out enjoying the nightlife and at the end of the evening he was ready to go back to the hotel on the subway, and his mentor said, “ah, let’s just call a limo,”

The young man had a realization while riding in the limo back to the hotel. He realized he would never have thought of that. He would never have felt like he could afford a limo. He had put a limit on what he could imagine his life would be like, what he could receive. He had been putting that $10,000 in the future, when he “became rich,” not now. He realized then and there that wow, these people were no better than him, if they could do it, he certainly could as well.

He proceeded to have a better month in sales than ever before and actually blew past that $10,000 mark, once he released that block, that limitation, what he had actually been telling the universe he would not receive yet.

Are you blocking yourself from receiving something you truly desire right now? What beliefs do you hold about something that is eluding you? Are you putting that goal perpetually in the future? Are you putting it on a pedestal, like you can never attain it? Are you identifying with the striving for the goal and not the actual having of it?

Are you sending mixed messages to the Universe?

Ask and you shall receive.

The act of asking starts the process of co-creating with the Universe.

Are you willing to get out of your own way?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes?

Sometimes when you make things hard, when there is the most amount of resistance, that is when you are overcoming an obstacle. Let the belief go, whatever you are believing that is making it difficult, and you will be amazed at how easily it comes to you!

lay with this, as always, and take note. You may even need to dig a little to find the belief that is stopping you…..but truly, the only one powerful enough to stop you is YOU!


You are a creator of magnitude! Design it so you’re creating the things you truly desire!

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